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  Who We Are  

Pineneedle are trusted, innovative and experienced. 


Founded by Barns Morison and Nick Krestovnikoff - old friends who met during University - Pineneedle was born in 1988 as a print and design company producing bespoke publications. 

Fast forward over 20 years and we are now the leading agency in producing wedding and ceremonies literature for councils across the UK and we've built a reputation for delivering excellent results with a professional and personal touch. From initial design concepts to copywriting, proofing, photography and printing, we take care of everything for you. 


If you already have a design in mind, or an in-house team, Pineneedle can work together with you to produce stand out literature that we guarantee you’ll want to shout about. 


In short - we love the work we do and we are sure you will too. 









  Meet the Team  

Marcus Gavin - Senior Designer and Director

Katherine Bell - Sales


Jo Perring - Sales


Alison Churchouse - Marketing and Operations Manager

Barns Morison - Co-Founder

Nick Krestovnikoff - Co-Founder

  Our Work  

"I wanted you to know how helpful (and well designed!) your Weddings in Westminster brochure is. It is thorough and beautiful. Please let the designers, editors, and writers know!"

Westminster Register Office Wedding Guide

"In all my dealings with Pineneedle I have found staff at the company to be friendly, professional and reliable. I have been approached numerous times by others organisations offering a similar service but have never seen reason to change our longstanding relationship with Pineneedle."


David Randall
Superintendent Registrar,

Isle of Wight Council Register Office

"We're really pleased with the brochure! I've noticed loads of our customers browsing through it in the waiting rooms and they seem to be flying off the shelves so thank you so much."

Rebecca Knight
Deputy Registrar

Tower Hamlets Register Office


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Design Ltd

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Data Protection Policy
Information about our organisation
Pineneedle Design Ltd, 6 St James Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3NH.

Pineneedle Design Ltd, also known as pineneedle, specialises in free advertising and promotional materials, including practice websites, appointment cards, booklets and council publications. We also produce websites for a range of clients.

Our privacy policy covers Pineneedle Design Ltd and its websites:

Data Controller
Pineneedle Design Ltd
Web Site

Compliance General Data Protection Regulation 2016
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to address the processing of ‘personal data’. Companies like Pineneedle Design Ltd do process personal data and the GDPR requires us to give our clients, or anyone who has contact with the company involving the processing of personal data, information about our data processing activities.

What are ‘Personal Data’ and ‘Data Processing’?
‘Personal data’ is any information relating to a living individual from which he or she can be identified (eg. an address). Any form of recording, transferring, amending or deleting of personal data is classed as ‘data processing’.

Types of processing
At Pineneedle our data processing activities are very routine and typical of what you would expect with a company like ours. We need to record the contact details of our clients by means of computer databases and paper files. We record personal details provided by job applicants. We also occasionally need to make backup copies of our records. These records are erased or destroyed when it is no longer legally necessary for us to retain them. We do not release your details to third parties for marketing purposes. Telephone calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes. Data is only used for the purpose which it was originally supplied.

Retention of data
We keep personal data only for as long as is legally necessary. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is kept up to date and accurate. Any sensitive data recorded in paper form will be destroyed using a cross-cut paper shredder before being disposed of.

Third Parties
Your information will not be shared with any third party unless it is necessary to do so or to provide you with a service you have requested or have become entitled to as a client. We may occasionally share data with external associates who assist us in the provision of our services. We ensure that your personal data will not be disclosed to State institutions and authorities except if required by law or other regulation.

If data is shared, we expect third parties to adhere and comply with the GDPR and protect any data of yours that they process. We do not permit any third parties to process personal data for their own reasons. Where they process your data it is for a specific purpose according to our instructions.

All our employees and data processors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of personal data, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal data. Access to personal data is restricted to staff who need that access to perform their job function. Access to data stored within our company is strictly controlled using firewalls and other means. We are PCI compliant, as verified, in part, by monthly SecurityMetrics scans.

Information regarding website data collection and processing
Automatic Collection of Information

Our website ‘Usage of Cookies’ page contains information about the cookies used by our website, including those placed by Google to provide accurate analytics. This page also provides details of how to block cookies if required. Google anonymises the user activity data and does not store IP addresses.

The Web Server hosting our Website automatically collects audit logs of Website usage. These logs include the IP addresses of Website users. Web Server logs are used to monitor, measure, analyse, improve and troubleshoot services only. They are not published or passed to any third parties and are used solely to maintain service quality.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification
There are forms on some of our websites which allow users to pass personal data to ourselves or our clients. In every case, the purpose of the form is indicated clearly and alternative methods suggested.
We do not collect or use personal data for any purpose other than that stated clearly at the point of collection.

Disclosure and Visitor Choice
Visitors may fill in forms on our Website to disclose information. The purpose of these forms and their security level is clearly stated, and alternative methods of communication are suggested.

Confidentiality / Security
Each time a contact form which permits the transmission of personal data is used on one of our websites, the security level is stated clearly, and the possibility of interception by a third party is indicated.

Access to the personal data we may hold about you
You can ask us whether we are keeping personal data about you by sending postal mail to this address - Pineneedle Design Ltd, 6 St James Road, Sevenoaks Kent TN13 3NH.

Upon request we will provide you with a readable copy of the personal data which we keep about you, although we may require proof of your identity.

We allow you to challenge the data that we hold about you and, where appropriate, you may have the data amended, erased or completed.

Privacy Compliance
Our privacy policy is compliant with the following instrument: General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

In order to demonstrate that our privacy policy accords with the above privacy instrument, we are subject to an Independent Data Protection Authority supervision

Independent Data Protection Authority supervision
Designation of the authority:    United Kingdom Information Commissioner
Address: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England SK9 5AF
Telephone: Enquiry/Information Line: 01625 545 745
Switchboard: 01625 545 700

Privacy Support
If you have an enquiry or concern about our privacy policy, please contact:

Name: Marcus Gavin
Address: 6 St James Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3NH
Tel: 020 8870 0968

If you are not satisfied with our response to your concern, you may wish to contact the United Kingdom Information Commissioner,


Welcome to Pineneedle.


Design and Publishing Agency
*Specialising in Ceremonies Guides*
Est. 1988
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